"Start"-- an iOS app that helps patients track anti-depressant effectiveness

Deciding to begin a new antidepressant is a difficult experience. It can take weeks for a new drug to have a noticeable effect on a patient's mood, and although rare, the drugs can cause frustrating side effects.

As a result, many patients end up abandoning their course of treatment altogether. 

Earlier this month, health-tech startup Iodine released Start, an iOS app that helps patients track their experience with a new antidepressant more effectively. Start helps patients know what to expect from their drugs from Day 1 and keep track of their progress with reports, reminders and general encouragement.

In addition to helping patients remember to take their drug, Iodine hopes that Start can improve communication between patients and doctors about finding the right treatment. 

Iodine also announced an exciting partnership with Postpartum Progress, a non-profit that works to help women who are struggling with postpartum depression.

Check out more about the app on the company's site here.